Get a custom surfboard:

Your surf style is unique and your surfboard should be too!

Based in the Algarve

A custom surfboard is the right choice for you if

you are ready when you have mastered the basics and you are safe in the water.

you are looking for special performance highlights like channels, attached fins, etc.

your height, weight and proportions also demand a certain board design.

you want to choose your favourite colours or add some special effects.

you want a board for your needs and surf skills. The right board can enhance your strengths and improve weak points.

you are going on that dream boat trip! Get a board for that special break specifically designed to slot into those waves.

Longboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

9’1” Longboard

9’1” ~22 3/4”~2 7/8” - 68L
A slightly detuned version of my progressive nose rider to suit smaller waves.

Longboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

9'2" Longboard

9’2” ~ 23' ~ 3 - 74L
Progressive nose rider specifically for small waves. If you surf the South coast in Portugal this board is a must!

Longboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

9’2” Longboard

9’2” ~22 3/4” ~3 - 70L
A well balanced combination of nose ride ability and manoverability. If your main board is a longboard you can't go wrong with one of these. This one was for Paulina. Enjoy my friend and let me ride it again please.

Longboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

9’1” Zé's Longboard

9’1”~22 3/4”~2 7/8” 69L
Progressive Noserider. If you only longboard and only want one board this is a great choice. Will hold a great line through a powerful carve and also is a fun platform to nose ride on.

If you walk into a surf shop you will find that there is plenty of surfboards to choose from. They could be a good fit, but only a custom will be the perfect fit.

Ready, set, shred!

Find a preview of a few boards that I’ve built for my clients

Shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

5'9" Channel twin pin

5'9” - 18 1/2” - 2 5/16” ~ 27L
Bamboo, carbon reinforced epoxy sandwich. Designed for Thomas Alcobia for getting barrelled, crazy laybacks and general shredding!!

Shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

5’10” Fish

5’10”~21”~2 5/8” - 36L
Fun fish with plenty of paddle power and still very manoverable

Shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

5’8” Shortboard

5’8”~19 3/16”~2 7/16” - 28L
Super fun little weapon for good waves of an average size.

Shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

6’2” Shortboard

6’2” ~19 3/8”~2 1/2” - 31L
Fun performance shortboard for powerful lines in good surf.

Asymmetric shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve


5’9” Asymmetrical Shortboard

Midlength - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

6’8” Mid-length

6’8”~21”~2 5/8” - 42L
Dreamy mid-length with a twin fin channel setup. Great board to have in your quiver, really comes alive in point break style surf.

How to order



Send me a message or call!

You’d love to order a custom shaped board? That’s a great start. Send me a message or give me a call and we can set a date and time for a casual meeting or phone call.



Let’s get to know each other!

In the next step I need to get to know you a little. We will talk about your ideas and wishes considering a custom shaped surfboard. Your physical abilities, surf skills and what kind of waves you want to surf. Together we will discuss what kind of designs would fit your needs.



Let’s get started!

You are excited for your new board. Great, it’s time to log in your order! After you transferred the deposit, I will start designing your surfboard on my 3D program and will send you a few screenshots of my ideas. We will discuss final changes and complete your design!



Something exciting is happening!

As soon as we’ve settled on the final designs, I will order all the materials and start the shaping process. In this stage all you need to do is to be excited and patient. 



Now we lean back and wait!

From the moment I finished laminating I recommend 3 – 4 weeks curing depending on the weather (colder months need more time). This will make sure your board is durable and strong. (Usually I have the board at my house for curing. You can pick it up already of course and let it cure at your house.)



Your board is ready to be picked up!

It’s the day of the days! Time to meet, get your board and pay the remainder of the costs. I hope you enjoy the board and please send me some feedback as it is great for fine-tuning new designs. I am always striving to make improvements. Everyday is a learning day.

The right custom shaped surfboard can enhance your strengths and improve weak points.​

Matt, what's your thoughts?

An incredible shaper who continues to hone his talents and get better and better. Board quality, shape, and design are all among the best I’ve ever seen; I’m now the proud owner of three of Junior’s boards, the first a minimal designed by him and my brother as a gift, the second ‘performance minimal’ for charging the big waves in Ireland, the third a specially designed wake surf, which rides as beautifully as it looks. All are up on the wall as art when they’re not being ridden. I think a longboard next sir?!? Or a short board?!? Or……. 😉 


Alentejo, Portugal

Testimonial Matt from Ireland about the midlength surfboard Junior shaped for him

Preloved boards

Making boards is not about learning theory. To master this skill, you need to shape a thousands boards – probably even more. 

I am always trying new things. Shaping new boards and surfing them. Seeing what I like, which waves the board is great for and if there is anything I can improve. Therefore I have a few second-hand boards available.

Give me a shout if you need to know more information about certain boards. I’ll also give you recommendations if your size, surf skill and waves you want to ride are compatible with the boards I’ve made.