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Every surfer wants to improve And there is no better way than surfing a board that is made custom made to your needs, surf skills and local breaks.

Custom made surfBoards

Explore some of the models I have built for my clients. 

Shortboard for Tomas Alcobia - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

5'9" Channel twin pin

5'9” - 18 1/2” - 2 5/16” ~ 27L
Bamboo, carbon reinforced epoxy sandwich. Designed for Thomas Alcobia for getting barrelled, crazy laybacks and general shredding!!

6’8” Triple stringer, channel bottom twin

6’8” - 21” - 2 3/4” ~ 41L
Polyester heavy duty construction. Build for Sam Roger for smooth clean lines on bigger open faces.

5'11” Shortboard

5'11” - 20 1/2” - 2 1/2” ~ 33L
Resin tinted polyester thruster, featuring a little boost channel. This one was for Ficho Nunez, was the second custom I made for him. He lost 20kg! So had to make the new one for his new frame.

Shortboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

6’2” Shortboard

6’2” - 19 1/2” - 2 5/8” ~ 38L
Condition: FCS fusion - Thruster
Construction: Polyester
Level: Intermediate

Longboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

9’2” Progressive nose rider

9’2” ~22 3/4” ~3 - 70L
A well balanced combination of nose ride ability and manoverability. If your main board is a longboard you can't go wrong with one of these. This one was for Paulina. Enjoy my friend and let me ride it again please.

Fish - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

5’10” Twin

5’10” - 21” - 2 5/8” ~ 36L
Resin tint polyester. Updated version of a classic twin. Featuring a very deep Simmons style single concave between the fins and out the tail. Good all round perfomace in everyday waves.

Surfboard - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

6’ Tri fin bonzer

6’ - 19 1/2” - 2 1/2” ~ 32.5L
Resin tint polyester. Featuring classic bonzer concaves and glassed on bonzer side fins. If you surf point breaks this board is the weapon of choice. Going to Morocco take at least 2!

7' Midlength "Katharina Ballerina Series" - JNR Custom Surfboards, Surfboard Shaper Algarve

7' Midlength

7’ - 21 7/8” - 2 5/8” ~ 42L
Resin tinted polyester. This magic 7' is Kat's second one, the original died. Was an exact copy as we nailed it the first time round. One of the most fun boards I have ever ridden. Goes in knee high to double over head!! Everyone should have one one these.

Empty your mind, be formless.
Shapeless, like water.

(Bruce Lee)

Meet your shaper!

Saman Christopher, called Junior, is half Scottish and half Sri Lankan. He spent his childhood in Scotland as well as in Sri Lanka. After university in Scotland he was working in Greece, Norway and Australia. At the age of 25 he moved to Portugal. Junior shaped his first surfboard 17 years ago. He has been shaping boards full time for since 2017.

Hey Mitch, what do you think?

Junior made a custom board for me last year. With me being a bit not sure on what exactly I wanted, apart from big ish/ semi retro….. Junior helped come up with a super single fin with some bonzas to boot…..frothing on the colour, frothing on the shape 6’6(6’7) ish it’s got me dropping some bomb sets when iv got the time ahahaaa… all in all. Junior is the man!!!! Progressing each day. Can’t wait for the next one. Yeeew cheers Junior


Sagres, Portugal

Testimonial Mitch from Australia about the surfboard Junior shaped for him
Testimonial Mitch from Australia about the surfboard Junior shaped for him

Surfboard Repairs 

Lagos, Sagres, Raposeira

You need your surfboard fixed? Come by at Uwe Kluba’s surfboard factory in Hortas da Tabual, Raposeira! Message first so we can organise to meet you. 


Are you repairing polyester or epoxy surfboards?

We repair polyester and epoxy surfboards. While I am usually doing the polyester repairs, Daniel is repairing all boards made from epoxy. 

Will I get an estimation of the costs before you start repairing it?

Yes! I will have a look at your board ding and estimate the costs to repair it. I will send you a message with the price and only if you agree, I will proceed with the repair. 

How long will it take to repair my board?

How long it will take to fix your board depends on many factors – the damage, how much water was sucked into the foam, the weather conditions and how busy we are. In average I finish repairs within 5 working days. 

Where can I drop off my board?

I am working at Uwe’s workshop in Hortas do Tabual. Message first so we can organise to meet you.