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I am working with a couple of surf shops in the Algarve and always create new surfboards for their stock. You find a preview of some mid length surfboards and shortboards on this page. All prices are determined by the surf shops. Please ask the shop assistant for more information.

Give me a shout if you need to know more information about certain surfboards. I’ll also give you recommendations if your size, surf skill and waves you want to ride are compatible with the boards I’ve made.

You have more questions about the boards or would like to order a custom board? 

Contact me: E-Mail: | WhatsApp: +351 969 650 676

Round Pin Twin 5’7”

5´7” - 19 1/2” - 2 1/2” ~ 29L

Mike February inspired twin pin. This one looks so fun its almost ended up in my quiver a bunch of times. Has all the fun bits of modern twins but the round tail adds a bit more control, especially in overhead surf.

Available in Board Traders Algarve in Sagres

The Keeper

6’8” * 21 7/16” * 2 1/2” - 39 L

Based off the super successful 7’. The biggest difference in this one apart from the reduced length is the pulled in nose. The purpose for this was to make it slightly easier to duck-dive and reduce the swing weight of the nose for ease of turning. This one still catches everything, but has a slightly lighter feel.

Available in Coast Supply Co. in Lagos

The Traveller

6’4” * 21” * 2 5/8” - 39 L

This little board is again based off the magic 7’. I built this one for a Nicaragua surf trip. The idea was to avoid the
excessive baggage costs of longer boards, but still have all the benefits of a bigger board. So this creation is a wave catching machine but due to its shorter length it is super manoeuvrable. Great for that surf trip you are planning.

Available in Coast Supply Co. in Lagos

Round Pin 5’10"

5’10” * 2 1/2” * 19 1/2”

Round pin tail for smooth rail turns and transitions. Low nose rocker for easy paddeling and early entry into the waves. Resin tint with reinforced deck colour panel. Have fun!

Available in Coast Supply Co. in Lagos


7’ * 21 15/16” * 2 5/8” - 42 L

This is a super versatile mid-length. I have personally ridden
this model from knee high waves up to double over head reeling Moroccan point breaks. Originally I designed this for my girlfriend, so she could catch lots of waves and start to draw some nice lines on the wave face. I find whenever I
borrow it off her I do some of my best surfing. Never had a bad surf on this epic shape

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You have more questions about the boards
or would like to order a custom board?